Aegean Core

The AEGEAN tabletop roleplaying game takes you to the shores of the Aegean Sea in an ancient time of mythic heroes. Build your hero, your legend, and your city state. Vie against ancient customs, cursed monsters, neighbouring factions, and the desires of the gods.

This book contains:

  • Everything you need to create a mortal character or a child of the gods and further develop them through a choice of careers and mystery cults.
  • Rules for interacting with the gods, including their favour and disfavour. Watch as your glory rises but be mindful of your hubris.
  • Rules for creating and developing your home city and miring yourself in its politics.
  • Flavourful rules for adventuring, combat, and competing in the panhellenic games.
  • Guidance for the GM to run the game and a host of adversaries and factions to fill the world and create your own epic adventures.

Book of Heroes

The Book of Heroes is a setting and adventure supplement for the AEGEAN tabletop roleplaying game. Take your heroes from their home in the Aegean Sea to the depths of the Underworld and to lands and adventure beyond imagining.

This sourcebook includes:

  • Detailed view of the Underworld, its rulers and denizens and the places they haunt. Meet Haides and Persephone and a host of other chthonic entities; visit Elysium or Tartaros, and drink from its many rivers.
  • New PC options, including new structures and retainers for the polis as well as a new mystery cult to join.
  • In Sleep No more our heroes must travel to the lands of the dead and uncover why sleep has left the mortal lands.
  • Details on running AEGEAN with a more mythic tone and five adventures to get you started.
  • In Palace of Leaves the heroes must unravel the mystery of the curse preventing a young polis from building a palace.
  • The Golden Shirt tasks the heroes with weaving a shirt from the wool of golden sheep descended.
  • In The Pelionion they are drawn into the politics of centaur tribes at the games on Mount Pelion.
  • A titanic crab assaults the island in The Doom of Katharonisi and the heroes must discover the reason behind its destructive presence.
  • Finally, in Armoury of the Gods the heroes must travel to a forbidden wasteland to capture an undefeatable foe.

Book of Empires

The Book of Empires is a setting and adventure supplement for the AEGEAN tabletop roleplaying game. Take your heroes to Kreta, the largest of the Aegean islands and discover the secrets of Labyrinth. Visit Troy in its glory days before it prepares for war. Face down the might of the Persian Empire as it seeks to conquer all lands to the West.

This sourcebook includes:

  • Detailed view of Kreta, its immortal rulers and the people who call the island their home. Visit Herakleon and Knossos and explore the labyrinth.
  • New PC options, including rules for performing Kreta’s famous bull leap, a new career, and a mystery cult.
  • In Knives in Knossos the heroes are unwittingly caught up in an attempted assassination and are ordered by King Minos to uncover the would be murderer.
  • Detailed view of Troy, a city in its prime, its people and the lands surrounding it.
  • In A Thousand Ships war looms and the heroes must choose to besiege the ancient city of Troy or fight to protect it.
  • Detailed view of the Persian Empire, its people from many lands and the gods they worship.
  • In The Great War choose to side with the invading Persian forces and their effort to unify all lands as their own, or fight, secretly or otherwise, to maintain your independence.

Aegean Adventures

Aegean Adventures is a collection of five original scenarios for the Aegean Quick Start Rules focusing on characters from the new city of Vlokis. The adventures can be played separately or linked together to form an extended campaign. Featuring:

  • The Leaden Tablet
  • Poseidon’s Children
  • The Harp of Discord
  • Bearing Gifts
  • The Curse of the Golden Bull

Included are rules for managing NPCs in the Aegean system, along with stats for 18 adversaries, covering many of the people and fauna you would expect to meet in the ancient world.


GM Screen Board

GM Screen

The AEGEAN Games Master’s screen is a three panel board with colour art exterior and black and white interior featuring rules summaries and helpful tools for the GM.

Black 10-sided dice with gold numbers

Kretan Dice

10 black ten-sided dice with gold numbers, featuring the head of the minotaur on the 10 face.

Blue 10-sided dice with white numbers

Athenian Dice

10 blue ten-sided dice with white numbers, featuring the owl of Athena on the 10 face.