Below are PDF downloads for a blank character sheet along with characters suitable to play through the Nesaean Boar adventure, and other available scenarios, as well as copies of the different maps which have been provided.

Map of Hellas

A large, PNG version of the map in the Quick Start rules is available to download, along with both maps from Aegean Adventures. The maps don’t cover the whole of Hellas, but instead focus on the regions explored in the books available.

Pre-Gen Characters

There are six pre-generated characters available, each filling different roles within the group. They’re built as starter characters for the Nesaean Boar adventure available in the Quick Start and are perfectly suited for the scenarios in Aegean Adventures.

Character sheets are designed to be printed double-sided and folded in half to form a booklet. The front cover has some general details about the character and an empty space for a portrait. The inside spread has the main information the player will need during the session, including characteristics, skills, weapons and talents. The back cover has equipment and information on the relationships with mortals and the gods.

Download all pregen characters (14.5MB)

Hierax, Hunter

Heirax is a ranger who is at home in the wilderness. He has the hunter career and is a good ranged fighter with stealth and tracking abilities.

Download the character sheet for Hierax (14.6MB)

Klymene, Athlete

Klymene is an athlete, famous for taking the laurel at last year’s Pythian games. She is a good ranged fighter with some melee skills.

Download the character sheet for Klymene (14.6MB)

Leda, Healer

Leda is a daughter of Demeter and keen to find adventure. She has the physician career and is a character with a focus on medical skills.

Download the character sheet for Leda (14.6MB)

Medon, Wrestler

Medon is a son of Ares and is keen on proving himself to be greatest of the god’s children. He has the wrestler career and is a hard-hitting melee fighter with limited defence.

Download the character sheet for Medon (14.6MB)

Peleus, Oracle

Peleus is a former slave with the gift of prophecy. He is a merchant with a stall in the agora and has a broad range of skills. Combined with his oracle ability, this makes him a flexible character.

Download the character sheet for Peleus (14.6MB)

Xanthippe, Soldier

Xanthippe is a wealthy citizen, the epitome of the public speaker and soldier that was admired by the classical Greeks. She has the soldier career and is both a good defensive melee fighter and social character.

Download the character sheet for Xanthippe (14.6MB)

Blank Character Sheet

An empty character sheet.

Download the blank character sheet (7.3MB)